The world doesn't end if you take a break !

When was the last time you took a break?

Break, doesnt always have to be a vacation. It can also be a one day break doing nothing and just lazying around at home, or simply reading all day, sipping your favorite brew, or just sleeping and resting all day after a great spa. Today was one such day for me. My husband was out of town and my kid not keeping well so I had to take an off from work to be with my kid. In the beginning , I was a bit worried as its month end and somethings could take a backseat if I wouldnt go to work. Then I asked myself ,if this situation was in my control(..No). Secondly, "will the world end if I dont work today or will my life turn upside down(..No.)"

While this self-interrogation was happening , the aroma of my favourite chicken curry that I was cooking ,twisted the plot of the questions ..when was the last time I cooked something with so much passion?

And this made me realise, that I was cooking this favourite chicken recipe after ages since I had all the time today.This realisation further got some new insights into my introspection and my mind started talking again..."I love cooking for my kids and feed them when I have the time , also I love organising my home , read a book and sip my favorite tea, all of which I do not recall doing peacefully anytime in the recent past."

EXCITED with these thoughts I decided to take an off not just today but one more day as well to do all the favourite things at home which I wouldnt do, had I not got a situation like today ( husband out of town, cook on leave, kid unwell 😨).. So all thrilled, I decided to switch my role for two days from a practicing doctor to only being a homemaker .

Did my world end? (NO). Did my life turn upside down after this? ( NO for sure 🤪) What happened was, I got fully recharged both physically and mentally. Physically coz I rested well. Mentally coz I got to do simple things that make me happy.

So here's the thing.............. Your world doesn't end if you take a break, but what happens is, your world changes for the good !

P.S: Have a break, Have a Quickchat (with yourself.. 😉) Also posting the picture of my favorite chicken curry with rice ,sambar and pappadam that I satisfactorily enjoyed after all the introspection

Dr.Vanishree S.V
(Dermatologist,Mental health coach & NLP Master practitioner).