What Is Your Metaphor For Life ?

The way you describe your life, determines your destiny. All of you have a different way to see ,feel and think about life, based on your experiences and observations .

With these, you form an image about life consciously and unconsciously. The image formed in the unconscious is your true 'Life Metaphor' which speaks a lot about your perspective and this further influences your ways of working, maintaining relationships, investing money and time, and, also how you use your expertise.

I have heard people using different metaphors to define life, such as, circus, roller coasters, colourful, merry-go-round, puzzle etc. Many a times people even relate life with metaphors of theatre,jewellery, clothes, food etc

For instance , a common one that we all have heard is, " Life is an icecream , enjoy it before it melts ! ( perspective:life is short so one must enjoy every moment of it before it's too late).

Sometimes your metaphor describes what or how you prioritise things in life. Someone who sees life like a battle, for them, winning may be important, which could be same for a metaphor like 'game'.

When somebody says life is a race, for them 'speed' may be of utmost importance. Once I heard one of my friend saying, Life is a party, so I guess fun is a primary value for him. Interesting isn't it! 😊

Now let me share with you my metaphor of life. According to me, life is a journey full of mysteries and miracles, an opportunity to explore, learn and grow. πŸ˜ƒ

Hey buddy, what's your metaphor for life? I would love to know. πŸ˜ƒ Do comment below.

Dr.Vanishree S.V
(Dermatologist, Mental health coach, NLP coach trainer)

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