Your beliefs make your world!

Workouts and diet both play an important role in Physical fitness. Similarly healthy thinking habits along with neuroplasticity exercises play a vital role in Mental fitness. Here I would like to throw light on 3 'unhealthy beliefs' that could lead to a bad mental health.


unhealthy beliefs towards one self. Eg: If sentences like 'I am worthless /useless or good for nothing ' run through your mind quite often in various situations then it's high time to STOP and think again and be kind to yourself.


unhealthy beliefs about others and also being resentful towards others success.

Eg : 1)She/he always hates me.

2) She/he loves to piss me off.

3) She doesn't deserve this success.Im better off that her for this post. So in this case I would suggest , never give anyone the remote to control your emotions.

Your emotions must be in your control. Also never expect others to behave a certain way coz you think thats right. Never compare yourself with others. The only person you need to compare yourself is with who you were yesterday.

UNHEALTHY beliefs 3:

unhealthy beliefs about the world/universe.

Eg: Statements like , The world is unfair to me. Everyone wants to hurt me.

Do not expect rewards from the world or Universe . The world doesn't operate for you alone.

So take charge of your emotions. Do not give others the privilege to manipulate with your emotions.

So next time your mind pops out any of the unhealthy beliefs remember to ask yourself this question, Are these beliefs holding me back or pushing me forward ???

Dr.Vanishree S V
(Mental health coach/ NLP Master Practitioner).

P.S : Be aware of your negative emotions and let go. You don't need them at all ,trust me 😁.
Stay healthy, Stay happy !